Flooring rust slate tiles with natural surface 40 mm thick


The rust-coloured slate is multicolored from grey, black, green, yellow and red, it becomes brighter when wet, you can keep this aspect by applying a color enhancing sealer. We select these slates for a higher quality to the level of hardness, wear and resistance to cracking. The natural cleavage surface gives it anti-skid properties.

  • For interior, walls and floors we suggest 12 mm thick slates. You can also use 20 or 40 mm if you want a higher thermal mass, slate is an important accumulator of heat either passive or for heated floors, it slowly releases its heat for added comfort in the home. 20 mm is also recommended for public places.
  • For exterior 20 mm is recommended to be glued on a concrete slab or placed on well compacted crushed stone. 40mm can be placed directly on the compacted soil. The choice between the 20 or 40 mm for the exterior depends on the weight that will be imposed on the tiles.
  • The natural finish is slightly textured, it shows the natural look of slate cleavage.
  • The slate of 12, 20 and 40 mm is well calibrated and can vary slightly in thickness, for this reason we recommend a minimum joint between the tiles to facilitate adjustments.