Flooring black Slate with a honed surface 12mm


Black slate with a honed finish has a blue gray shade dark when the surface is dry, it becomes black when wet. We can visually see the grain of the stone, giving it a interesting aspect. We can accentuate this dark black appearance with the apparent grain by applying a sealer color Enhancer. This type of slate is of a higher quality to the level of hardness, wear and resistance to cracking. A floor of this slate will last decades. If you want a perfectly flat surface it is suggested to use the honed finish.

  • For interior , walls and floors we suggest 12 mm thick slates. You can also use the 20, 25 or 40 mm if you want a higher thermal mass, slate is heat either passive or for floor heating, it slowly releases its heat for comfort of the home, the 20 mm is also recommended for public zones
  • The honed finish is recommended for kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • For outdoor we recommend the natural finish because of these non-slip properties.